Valorant Champions Day 3: Schedule, Matches, Head to Heads & More

Another day, another 3 matches during Champions 2023. Day 2 was very exciting, but Day 3 certainly promises its own fair share of close matches.

Zeta vs fnatic champions 2023
Champions 2023 - Day 3: Two amazing times are about to face each other | © Riot Games

Day 2 finished with some dominating matches and one very close one. Now it's a new group's turn to show us what they are made of!

Valorant Champions 2023 Day 2 Recap

The matches on Day 2 of Champions 2023 were very different from one another and an exciting show.

Here are the results:

Map 1: Pearl
T1 4:13 FUT Esports
Map 2: Heaven
T1 7:13 FUT Esports
Decider Map: Ascent//
Map 1: AscentFunPlus Phoenix 8:13 Evil Geniuses
Map 2: PearlFunPlus Phoenix 8:13 Evil Geniuses
Decider Map: Bind//

Map 1: BindDRX 15:13 Natus Vincere
Map 2: SplitDRX 9:13 Natus Vincere
Decider Map: LotusDRX 14:12 Natus Vincere

Where To Watch Day 3 Valorant Champions 2023

Champions 2023 has two types of streams in which you can follow the event. The Official ones with commentary, or the watch parties that are streamed primarily by the content creators.

Valorant Champions 2023 Streamer Watch Parties

These are the more popular streamers' watch parties you might be interested in:

  • Tarik
  • Subroza
  • Kyedae
  • ShahZam
  • Kuba
  • Mixwell

In the tweet below you can see the other official Watch Parties that you can tune in to during Champions 2023

Official Champions 2023 Streams With Commentary

English Stream (Primary):

German Stream:

French Stream:

Turkish Stream:

Latin American (ES) Stream:

Filipino Stream:

Valorant Champions 2023 Day 3 Matches

The third day will be filled with the initial matches from Group C together with the Winners' Match from Group B.

Champions Day 3 Schedule

You can check each team's current roster by clicking on the team name.

  • BiliBili Gaming versus NRG - 9 PM CEST / 12 PM PT / 3 PM ET
  • Zeta Division versus Fnatic - 12 PM CEST / 3 PM PT / 6 PM ET
  • FUT Esports versus Evil Geniuses - 3 PM CEST / 6 PM PT / 9 PM ET
Map 1:BLG vs NRG
Map 2:BLG vs NRG
Decider Map:BLG vs NRG
Map 1:Zeta Division vs Fnatic
Map 2:Zeta Division vs Fnatic
Decider Map:Zeta Division vs Fnatic
Map 1:FUT vs EG
Map 2:FUT vs EG
Decider Map:FUT vs EG

Champions 2023 BLG vs NRG Head to Head Results

This will be the first encounter between these teams as they've not yet faced each other. In their five previous individual matches, they both have a 3-2 score.

Champions 2023 Zeta Division vs Fnatic Head to Head Results

EG & FPX have also not faced each other since the Riot Games ONE PRO INVITATIONAL last year, but that was their only match. This will be their first matchup in this tournament. In their five previous individual matches, Zeta has a 3:2 and Fnatic a 4:1 score.

Champions 2023 FUT vs EG Head to Head Results

FUT and EG will be battling for a place in the quarterfinal. Both were the winners of their games in the group matches. Their score from the previous five matches before those were 2:3 for FUT and 3:2 for EG.

What To Expect From Day 2 Of Champions 2023

As we've stated before, Champions is the biggest Valorant event and games can be unpredictable. Even if one team is expected to stomp another because they are the underdogs, the opposite can happen and that is to be expected.

Day 3 hosts 3 matches again just like Day 2, and we will surely get just as exciting games. FUT vs EG is especially interesting, since one of those teams will get a spot in the quarterfinal.

Otherwise, we'll get our first glimpse into Group C. It'll be very interesting to see, how the teams will position themselves in their debut matches.


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