Valorant Champions Day 2: Recap Of All 3 Matches

Day 2 had some very cool matches with T1 VS FUT Esports, FunPlus Phoenix VS Evil Geniuses and DRX VS Natus Vincere. Here are the result and a summary of what happened.

Futesport win against t1
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The second exciting day of the Champions has come to an end, and we had three interesting matches. So here is a quick recap of what happened in each of them.

Recap Of Day 2 Of Valorant Champions

So we had three matches yesterday. Here is a quick overview of all three of them:

Map 1: Pearl
T1 4:13 FUT Esports
Map 2: Heaven
T1 7:13 FUT Esports
Decider Map: Ascent//
Map 1: AscentFunPlus Phoenix 8:13 Evil Geniuses
Map 2: PearlFunPlus Phoenix 8:13 Evil Geniuses
Decider Map: Bind//
Map 1: BindDRX 15:13 Natus Vincere
Map 2: SplitDRX 9:13 Natus Vincere
Decider Map: LotusDRX 14:12 Natus Vincere

T1 VS FUT Esports: Dominating The Game

The first match of the day was really one-sided. FUT Esports completely dominated T1 and on the first map Pearl they destroyed their competition with a 13:4. This is especially heartbreaking for T1, since the map was their own pick.

This one-sidedness kept going for the rest of the match. T1 really didn't feel up to the task and many have commented on their lackluster performance. Hopefully we'll get to see a better play from them in a few days.

FunPlus Phoenix VS Evil Geniuses

With the second match, we get another round of only two maps. In this case, funnily enough, both games ended on the same score of 13:8 for Evil Geniuses. Interestingly, FPX went with a two Controller team comp with Astra and Omen. Sadly, this strategy didn't work for them.

The first game on Ascent had a first half that was perfectly balanced with both teams winning 6 rounds, but when it was EG's turn to attack, they rapidly gained points. FPX was only able to defend the sites twice and lost the game as a result.

EG rolled right into the second game and managed to get 9 wins in the first half. Of course this could have invoked the 9:3 curse and for a while it looked dangerous for them in the second half as FPX managed to score 5 rounds in a row. But they managed to turn it around and finished the match victorious.

DRX VS Natus Vincere

This match is the second one DRX has won during this year's Champions! And wow, was it close. We had two maps that went into overtime, and even the one without wasn't an overwhelming win for one team.

The first game was on Bind, NAVI's pick. During the first half, they had a streak of 8 wins, before DRX was able to stop them. Then during the second half, DRX showed their skill by defending their sites skillfully. This game was very Defender dominated, as both teams scored most of their points in that way. In the end, DRY decided this match for themselves during the overtime.

Now, the second match on Split was a win for NAVI, as they went all out in the second half and managed to shift the balance of the game in their favor during it.

For the final game of the night, we had a head-to-head battle on Lotus. Both teams stayed right next to each other and even scored the exact same amount of points in both halves! DRX did win both overtimes though, and with that emerged victorious out of this match.

As you can see we had some very different matches on Day 2 of Champions, and we can't wait for more interesting ones in the next few days!

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