The Stinger Is Getting Nerfed In Patch 6.02

The low-cost SMG was seemingly too dominant in eco rounds and Riot Games wants to fix that moving forward.

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The Stinger is getting hit with the nerf hammer. I ©Riot Games

After delaying patch 6.02 a week Riot Games is preparing a juicy update and has teased some of the changes coming with it, including nerfs to the Stinger.

The low-cost SMG has been tracked by Riot for the past weeks, and as they stated via social media, it seems to be overperforming for its cost during eco rounds, with both Stinger's price and damage fall-off being hit. The devs stated:

We feel the Stinger is over-performing at its price point, especially in the early rounds, and lacks the right economic tradeoffs.

All Stinger Changes In Patch 6.02

So what's changing? Well, without further ado, here's every change coming for the Stinger with the upcoming patch.

Stinger changes for Patch 6.02:

  • Cost increased 950 >>> 1100

Damage Fall-off Change:

  • 27 damage per bullet (0 - 15m)
  • 23 damage per bullet (15m+)


  • 27 damage per bullet (0 - 20m)
  • 25 damage per bullet (20m+)

Now, in case you're wondering why you can't access these new changes in the PBE (Public Beta Environment), that's because they aren't available in North America, with Riot issuing both an apology and warning for both pros and more casual fans alike.


It doesn't matter, though! As the actual patch 6.02 will hit the live servers on February 7, so barely any time to wait.

Of course, once the patch finally hits we'll have all the details you need to know, including more balance changes to both weapons and Agents, bug fixes, and other tidbits that can be of interest to you.

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