Smash Bros Legend Mang0 Shows Up On VCT Americas Stream; Disses Nintendo

Mang0 is not one to hide what he's really thinking, and he took the opportunity to take a jab at Nintendo for their treatment of the Smash community.

Mang0 smash
Mang0, one of the Melee gods. I ©Riot Games

We all love a good esports crossover, and what better one for Valorant, and especially Cloud9 fans, to see legendary Smash Bros Melee icon and perennial C9 rep, Joseph "Mang0" Marquez on stream for VCT Americas.

If you aren't aware, Mang0 is one of the longest-servants signed under the Cloud9 organization, joining all the way back in 2014, almost a decade ago. He's also a tactical shooter aficionado, having a strong CS:GO background and constantly playing Valorant on stream since the game was released.

Of course, his one and only true gaming love remains Smash Bros Melee, becoming one of the Five Gods of Melee, supporting the scene for more than 15 years. Naturally, he didn't miss his opportunity to diss Nintendo for the poor treatment of the scene.

Mang0 Bashes Nintendo On Official Riot Games Stream

Even if you're not part of the Smash community, you might be aware of the constant backlash the Japanese company has received from the scene with constant interventions making the life of tournament organizers a living hell, and refusing to support competitions in a way Riot does.

Mang0, who was there to co-stream the match in his own stream, was asked by host Goldenboy what was the biggest difference between a Riot-sanctioned event like VCT and a regular Melee major. His answer did not disappoint.

Yeah, so, Riot brought me a burger, which is more than Nintendo's ever done for me

A namedrop and callout that few people would expect, but if there was one player to do it, it would be Mang0.

There was also a funny story regarding a contract negotiation between Mang0 and C9 CEO Jack Etienne, with the Smash player essentially ghosting him for a few hours, prompting Jack to offer him a more lucrative deal as he believed Mang0 was in talks with other orgs.

In reality, Mang0 didn't have signal to respond to messages and wasn't really discussing signing a contract elsewhere, with his sole intention being to resign with Cloud9.

We know it wasn't Valorant related but hey, it's a cool story nonetheless!


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