Sentinels Wins Dramatic Match Against FURIA; Playoffs Out Of Reach

Sentinels had the daunting task of winning against FURIA to keep their playoffs dreams alive and they did so in the most dramatic fashion.

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Sentinels fans rejoice. I ©Riot Games

Sentinels fans will be happy to know that the team pulled out what seemed impossible: finish their regular season with slim chances of making it to playoffs after beating FURIA. Sadly, their efforts proved fruitless as they are eliminated from VCT Americas playoff contention.

Prior to their final two matches, the North American powerhouse sat with a terrible 2-5 record during the VCT Americas regular season. With their backs against the wall, Sentinels pulled a solid victory against KRU Esports last week, with Brazilians FURIA being up next.

The match was simply outstanding, with both teams fighting for every single round to the absolute limit. So much so, that map three of the series gave us the longest overtime in VCT Americas thus far.

Sentinels Clutches It Out Vs Furia

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A bittersweet win. I ©Riot Games

After lopsided wins for Sentinels on Split (13-7) and FURIA on Haven (13-5), it all came down to Bind, with both teams equally matched giving fans a heart pounding affair that went the absolute distance.

It was so evenly matched that according to Riot themselves this map gave us the longest overtime in VCT America's short history. It's still not the longest match in Valorant history, mind you.

Despite Sentinels' clutch way of earning themselves a victory to finish off the regular season, NRG's victory against Evil Geniuses means they're eliminated from playoffs.

That means we won't see the team at Masters Tokyo and will have to play in the Last Chance Qualifier for a single spot at Valorant Champions.

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