Take Advantage Of New Bind With This Amazing Sage Wall

Are you a thirsty battle Sage main? Then we have a great set play for you on Bind!

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Time for battle Sage to shine. I ©Riot Games

Valorant players usually tend to leave Duelists to hit those entry frags, that's the point of their roles, right? However, sometimes, even Sage mains have to take matters into their own hands, giving birth to the now iconic term: Battle Sage.

Usually, a Sage player has to play more passively, letting their team do the entry, secure, or retake site while they provide support of some kind, whether closing an area with the wall, delaying the enemy team with the slow orbs, or healing a teammate in critical condition.

Imagine then, your team does not know how to particularly do its job, or maybe you want to take advantage of set plays the enemy team is not aware of. Well, we got a great wall on Bind for you to try out.

This Bind Sage Wall Will Help You Clutch Out Rounds

Sage battle
Battle Sage will love this! I ©Riot Games

Since the new revamped Bind came back, players have gotten accustomed to the new changes including plenty of different nooks and crannies to defend or retake sites.

This particular play will let Sage cover important angles on B-Site of Bind, giving her access to the Hall door and a direct sightline to Elbow via the small vent Riot added with the map rework.

Simply place your Sage wall on top of the small structure where in the middle of the site, and use it to boost up to get the perfect angle to cover both sections. In this clip, which was taken in an Immortal lobby, you can see how powerful this play can be.

Just like in the clip, you can slow orb the Hall door and try to get kills by peeking through the vent to Elbow, or vice versa. Just remember that you'll be open to many angles if you try this with no teammates alive so be smart when trying to pull this off.


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