Valorant In-Game Esports Hub Is Coming; Will Include Rewards

If you're an avid esports Valorant fan you'll be pleased to hear Riot Games wants to more seamlessly combine both experiences.

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We all love free rewards! I ©Riot Games

The Valorant esports scene is growing each year, and Riot Games wants to tap into the casual audience to continue said growth, which is why they're working on a new Esports Hub that will be available in-game.

The new hub will effectively serve as a sort of big advertisement for Valorant esports, showcasing to players important information that will let them engage with the competitive scene easily.

What's even cooler is that according to reports players will be able to earn rewards for engaging with the system.

New Esports Hub Coming To Valorant

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Valorant esports is thriving! I © Riot Games

According to the ever-reliable ValorLeaks, Riot Games plans to add an in-game esports hub with all key information players need to start engaging with the VCT.

The tweet states:

An Esports Hub is currently in Development for VALORANT. Allowing you to see VCT Standings, Schedules, and More. You will also be able to earn rewards.

What will surely attract the most interest from players are the potential rewards that can come with the esports hub. Riot Games usually entices fans to tune in to important Valorant tournaments with exclusive free cosmetics, like the upcoming incredible Yoru Player Card that will be up for grabs when Valorant Masters Tokyo rolls around.

Furthermore, this will be another major step in Riot's journey to connect the casual Valorant fanbase with the hardcore ones that keep tabs on all things VCT following the release of the Valorant Premier Open Global Beta.

When will the Valorant Esports Hub

At the moment, there is no timeframe for when this feature will become available in Valorant. We know for sure it won't be coming with patch 6.10 where players will receive a new spray wheel, but we'll keep you updated as soon as more information is revealed.


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