Sentinels Forced To Play An Injured TenZ In Defeat Vs Leviatán

Sentinels' sub, Marved, is currently stuck in visa hell, with TenZ dealing with a joint infection on his left hand.

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TenZ is going through a rough time. I ©Riot Games

Sentinels had one mission coming into 2023: erase the disappointment that was last year and return to the glory days of 2021. Bringing in talent from the recent Valorant Champions, LOUD, and mixing them with their ace player, Tyson "TenZ" Ngo, was a recipe for sure success, right?

As it turns out, and by the looks of the current VCT Americas standings, that doesn't seem to be the case. Sadly for Sentinels, things are looking even direr, as TenZ has been, in a way, forced to play with an injury in his left hand.

Injured TenZ Can't Be Replaced In Sentinels Defeat

Sentinels are a big organization so naturally, they're prepared in case there's an emergency with one of their players. Yes, that means they do have a sixth member registered as their sub and waiting to fill in should the occasion arises.

In fact, he's a great player and someone that could easily be a starter anywhere else: Jimmy "Marved" Nguyen. Sadly, due to him not having a visa to enter the United States from Canada, he's still not in Los Angeles where VCT Americas is being played.

On April 15, 100 Thieves content creator and TenZ's fiancé, Alicia "Kyedae" Shymko stated on Tarik's co-stream that the Sentinels player has been struggling with a joint infection on his left index finger.

His performance was clearly hampered by this injury, with the often reliable Canadian bottom fragging in Sentinels' match vs Leviatán, a match in which the North American side lost to the South American team 2-1.

Sentinels, who are currently 1-2 and in 8th place have to face LOUD and MiBR on April 21 and 23 respectively.


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