Riot Confirms Raze & Killjoy Relationship; Community Divided

While rumors abounded, Riot finally confirmed that both Agents are in a romantic relationship, causing some divisions within the Valorant community.

Raze killjoy
Love is in the air. I © Riot Games

Riot Games finally confirmed the question almost every Valorant fan has had since they saw two Agents interact with one another - are Raze and Killjoy in a relationship? The answer, with utmost certainty now, is a resounding yes.

Riot was as blunt as possible with the situation, simply posting an image of Raze and Killjoy leaning for a kiss amid a small publicity blitz depicting some Valorant Agents, including Phoenix, Yoru, Neon, and the aforementioned couple enjoying a nice, cozy time, in El Salvador.

Sadly, instead of celebrating inclusiveness, which doesn't feel forced but rather a natural progression of both characters, a portion of the Valorant community has taken their pitchforks, lit them on fire, and raised them against Riot Games, expressing their discomfort with the situation.

Fortunately, the vast majority of players, fans, influencers, and more, have received this confirmation as something positive. Hoping it serves to weed out those players that have homophobic rants during a ranked as means to express their discomfort with how things are going.

In fact, players have come up with a cute name for Raze and Killjoy's relationship: Nanobomb. A combination of the German's Nanoswarm ability and Raze's Paint Shell.

In all honesty, it feels like Riot took long enough to reveal their relationship, it was, as they call it one of the "worst-kept secrets" in Valorant. Sadly for all the Killjoy-Cypher shippers, that basically ends their dream of seeing both Sentinels together. Not everyone can win in love after all!


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