Will Chamber Still Be Good After Patch 5.12?

In the last Valorant Patch of this year, we will get something that everyone has been waiting for: strong nerfs for Chamber. And now the question arises - will these nerfs be effective this time?

Will chamber be good
Will it be the end of Chamber? | © Riot Games

It's safe to say that 2022 was the year of Chamber. He was this one Agent who dominated virtually every tournament and ranking game, and no other Sentinel was even close to him. And this time, Riot decided to nerf Chamber to the ground by weakening his entire ability kit. However, do we really all agree that this will be enough to throw him out of the metagame? Let's analyze if Chamber still has any chance of being the best pick for the Sentinel class!

What Will Patch 5.12 Change For Chamber?

Let's start by reviewing the changes that await Chamber in the upcoming Patch 5.12. By the way, this is going to be a pretty big update, so we encourage you to read all the notes for it: Valorant Patch 5.12 - Release Date & All Changes

Starting with Headhunter, Riot decided to reduce the precision of shots after the second bullet, which is a considerable change (even though it doesn't seem like it). From now on, you'll be punished for every missed shot, so it's no longer a "mini-Guardian." Same for his Ultimate Ability – as the sniper now shoots slower, virtually any missed shot or badly taken position can cost you a lot. Just watch the video below; we can truly feel the pain for all Chamber mains out there:

The most significant tweaks, however, got the Rendezvous ability, which has been changed in virtually every way: it has a shorter action distance, you no longer teleport so instantly, in, and destroying an anchor now disables the ability for the entire round! Yup, as you can see, these are some considerable changes that will reduce his power significantly. So, is this the end for Chamber? Are the glory days of this Agent behind us?

Will Chamber Still Be Playable?

Although we'll probably continue to see Chamber in the metagame, we're sure we won't see him as often anymore. Yes, you read that right – it looks like Patch 5.12 will be the end of Chamber in a sense. His ability kit is still pretty good, but it seems like the other Sentinel Agents could work better as the main picks for this class in the pro scene or games at higher ranks.

Well, that day had to come eventually. Many of you are probably disgusted that these nerfs came so late, but on the other hand, look at what Riot has accomplished! Even though they changed all of Chamber's ability kit, and it may seem like they nerfed him to the ground, we still have a pretty strong Agent in the game. Just not as overpowered as it was before – and that's a good thing!

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