Should Riot Add Agent Bans to Valorant?

Ahh, you would love to ban Jett, wouldn't you? Let's see if that would even be good for the game.

Jett banned
Will you ever be able to ban Agents in Valorant? | © Riot Games

So yeah, a character banning system is available in League of Legends, and it does a pretty great job. Recently, with the new VCT season, there have been some voices in the community about the idea of banning Agents. You know, after all, there are more and more of them in the game, and it could add some variety to the metagame.

Besides, isn't it all those OP Agents that prevent you from climbing ranks, and if it weren't for that damned Reyna you would have been in Radiant long ago. Alright, alright, but would it be a good idea overall? Let's discuss it!

Agent Banning System in Valorant: Would It Be Good?

It doesn't seem like the Agent banning system would be good for the game, and honestly, it doesn't feel like it is something the game needs right now; like, not at all. At the end of the day, Valorant is a first-person shooter, not a MOBA, so it does not feature the same kind of exclusive drafts seen in games like League of Legends.

Sure, team composition plays a significant role in Valorant, but compared to MOBA games, this influence is quite symbolic, as aim skills play the first fiddle in Valorant. Moreover, the game does not feature counter picks that are strong enough to make banning a useful feature.

Overall, all such a feature would do is reduce the fun of the game for everyone and reward virtually no one; well, except maybe sweaty players who play well with all Agents available and are just waiting for Riot to add something like this. Sorry, this will likely not happen, and we are happy about it.

Alright, but you can't climb because of these top Duelist Agents such as Jett, and as long as you can't ban them, you can't reach higher ranks, right? Well, no worries, it's possible — all you have to do is get better! So, here we have some guides to help you with that: