Valorant A Critical Error Has Occurred - How To Fix

Games such as Valorant can oftentimes run into issues such as error codes, compliance errors, and some critical ones. Here's a quick guide on how to fix those critical errors.

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We've had a ton of guides concerning the error codes, and all of them have an easy and quick solution to them. Critical Errors are different from error codes, and you might need a helping hand to get rid of them.

What Does Critical Error Mean In Valorant

If Error Codes are mostly caused by a bad start or anything concerning the game itself, critical errors are the polar opposite.

They can happen due to:

  • Outdated drivers
  • Incompatible Settings
  • Corrupted Files
  • Server Issues
  • OS issues

Even though this might seem like a difficult problem to fix, worry not as we've gathered all the possible solutions in one place.

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This is what the Critical Error window looks like | © Microsoft Windows

How To Fix A Critical Error Has Occurred Error In Valorant

Updating Your Software

Most of the time this error happens when your most important drivers aren't updated for a long long time. Updating your drivers is very important for your system as they are the software that runs the hardware. Your best bet is to check them one by one, but the usual suspect here is your GPU so you should check that driver first.

Check Windows Updates
Make sure your Windows is up to date | © Microsoft Windows

Apart from updating your drivers you should also go ahead and update your Windows as well, and to do that:

  • Open PC Settings (Windows Key + I)
  • Open Windows Update (Left side of window)
  • Click on Check For Updates, and let Windows check if your OS is up to date

To check & update your drivers:

  • Click Windows + S
  • Type Device Manager & click Enter
  • Once there, right on the desired hardware and click on Update Driver
  • Then on the new window, let windows automatically check for updates

This is the default way of checking your drivers, the more convenient and better one would be to open the program provided by the hardware issuer and download their latest drivers manually.

Check Drivers Spanshot
This is where all of your devices can be found | © Microsoft Windows

Restart Your PC

This is your Hail Mary when it comes to errors. While Critical Errors are not usually connected to the error codes, they can have similar causes. Restarting your PC will let all of your system processes but also Riot processes completely restart. This will make sure that if any of those processes were faulty, a restart will make them work just fine.

Repair Or Reinstall Valorant

As we stated before, one of the main causes for this issue could be Corrupted Files.

Valorant Repair Files
This is where the Repair button is located | © Riot Games

The first and easier solution to try is to "Repair" your Valorant directory and installation files, and to do so:

  • Open the Riot Client
  • Click on the User Icon top-right
  • From Settings go to Valorant
  • Click on "Repair" button on the bottom side

This will check all of the Valorant files and replace/delete any that are corrupted or faulty. If this doesn't work you might need to reinstall Valorant, and if you need help with that check out How To Uninstall Valorant?

Running Valorant As An Administrator

Some files inside Valorant or your Operating System may need to be run as Admin to work smoothly. To run Valorant as an Admin simply right-click your game icon and click Run as Administrator.


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