How Does The Valorant Store Work

This guide is all about teaching you how the Valorant store works, and how to get the best assets for your money.

Valo Store1
A generic preview of how the Valorant Store works | © Riot Games

Compared to the other games and platforms, the Valorant Store is very centralized. This means that if you want to update your skins collection, you are forced to use the Valorant Store as there is no alternative.

How Does The Valorant Store Work

While reading about the store being centralized you probably had some bad feelings about it and are probably less motivated to buy your skins in the near future. But fear, not Riot do their job (for now), and you will almost always have a new collection of skins available for purchase.

Daily Offers

The first element of the store are the Daily Offers. Simply put, each day a collection of four new skins get showcased on the bottom side of the store, and will constantly update on a 24-hour notice.

If you're "The Real Deal" and have bought all of the skins Valorant has to offer, you will not receive any Daily Offers, but instead, get a "thank you" message for supporting the game.

There is too many skins now, it's about time daily offer list is more than just 4 items. from VALORANT

Bundle Collections

The second element is the bundles and compared to the daily offers, these last more than just 24 hours. Per period, Valorant releases a collection of skins that has the same theme. The current one is the Cryostasis collection with an obvious "winter-ish" style. Each collection has five weapon skins and gun buddies, player cards, and sprays that will accompany the weapons.

Weapon Bundle Drill
What the current Bundle Collection has to offer as the melee skin. | © Riot Games

You have two options when buying any skin from the collection. You can either buy an individual skin part for its market price or buy all of them at a discounted price. If the bundle has a "melee skin" the collection price will be the total cost of the other weapon skins, and the additional gun buddies, sprays, and player cards will be free of charge. In the case of the collection not having a melee, the weapon skins will come with a discounted price of about 33%. The price of the Bundle Collections depends on the quality of the bundle itself.

If you're wondering what the prices are like, per Bundle Type, here you go:

Bundle Type
Bundle Price
2930 VP
Select with melee
3500 VP
4270 VP
Deluxe with melee
5100 VP
Standard Premium
7100 VP
Premium with five buddies, cards, or sprays
8855 VP
Exclusive (price may vary)
8700 - 10700 VP
9900 VP

How Does The Valorant Store Work

VP Store
What the VP Store looks like in EU | © Riot Games

Since now we have the knowledge of what the Valorant Store has to offer, it's time to explain how it actually works. The store will always be available to the Valorant players through the Valorant ingame Main Menu. The In-Game currency that is used to obtain the skins is the VP's (Valorant Points).

Valorant Points can be bought with:

  • Credit Card
  • Paypal
  • Skrill
  • Prepaid Codes & Cards

These are the general payment options that Valorant has to offer, but they still may differ per Country or Region. The most used payment method is obviously the Credit Cards as the "fee" is lowest to none, compared to the other 3 payment options. Putting aside the VP, the other currency that's also used in Valorant is the RP's (Radianite Points).

You can use your Radianite Points to level up your sick skins | © Riot Games

These can be obtained for free with the Battle Pass as a reward, or with VPs in the store. RP's won't get you the skins but are used to "Level Up" certain skins of high quality. Leveling up your skins will at a VFX or a finisher style to the given weapon skin. Apart from the Daily Offers and Bundle Collections, you can use your VP to buy the seasonal Battle Pass or any of the "Night Market" bundles that will pop on your top right corner as a card symbol.

In case you were wondering about this month's Night Market: Collections, Schedule & More.

That would be all for this Valorant Store Guide. We hope you found it helpful and if you wish to see more guides like these, make sure to regularly check our Valorfeed Guide Section where we regularly write guides similar to this one to please your Radiant Heart.