How To Get The Best Possible Ping In Valorant

Dynamic and fast-paced games like Valorant have a dire need for stable connection and low ping. This article will help you reach the lowest possible ping your setup can afford.

Internet Stats Valo
These are the in-game indicators for network issues | © Riot Games

First-Person shooters are intense games where every click and millisecond matter a lot, and their outcomes can be devastating. Playing on no packet loss and as low as possible ping is a must if we want to maximize our impact.

Reasons For Lag And Delay In Valorant

Latency issues are usually caused by your provider or internet connection, but that's not always the case.

To have a better understanding, we will split the reasons below:

  • Issues caused by your internal connection
  • Issues caused by your provider
  • Issues with the Riot Servers
  • Background applications draining your bandwidth
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Doing a Speedtest can help you check your connection | © Riot Games

High Ping Caused By Network Adapters

When dealing with these issues you should always ensure your connectivity is as optimal as possible. This means that if you have a way to connect your device to a LAN cable as opposed to your WiFi, you should always opt for it. Wireless internet connection is unstable and will always cause problems regardless of how close you are to your router.

You can easily notice your ping changing values constantly while playing on WiFi which is an indicator that your wireless connection is poor (in quality). Connecting your device to a LAN cable will fix this issue and you will instantly notice that your Ping will be smaller in value and very stable. Since this is not the only problem with your internal connection, we will list all the possible fixes below.

Connectivity Settings
You can see your internal connections here | © Riot Games

If there is an issue with your home connection you can try to:

  • Make sure to optimize your WiFi if a LAN cable is not an option, you can optimize it by logging in to your Router, and setting the WiFi channels to AUTO or the freest channel of the listed ones.
  • Restart your router
  • Check your LAN cable and fix/change it if it's damaged
  • If you have another router at home, try changing routers as sometimes they can cause problems from overheating

Ping Issues Caused By Your Network Provider

This issue is the second most common one and happens quite often if your provider is a low-budget/quality one. Issues with your Bandwith provider can range from fiber/copper cables being damaged, your area being crowded or their international links being overused. In all of these cases, there is nothing that you can do apart from calling your provider, explaining your problem, and asking for a solution.

Trace Route CMD
Doing a Trace Route is a good check whether your ping problem is a provider problem | © Riot Games

The only thing you can do while waiting for your provider to fix the problem is turn on your mobile hotspot and hope that your mobile internet is better than the home one.

Riot Server Side Issues

Even though this type of issue is super rare and almost never happens, once upon a time it will! Same as every other company in the world Riot also depends on others for their services and their servers are most probably hosted and maintained by another firm. When a Riot server issue happens it affects everyone, so you won't be the only one having issues.

Riot Server Status
You can always check Riot's Servers Status on their page | © Riot Games

The games usually get canceled out and the game will close for "maintenance" until the issue is fixed. If you want to know how to check Valorant Server's status, check our Is Valorant Down? How To Check Server Status article.

The other possible issue is you selecting a bad region that is far away from you, which will naturally cause a constantly high ping. Before queueing for a game make sure your servers are set to Auto or the closest possible ones that offer (green) low ping.

Background Applications Draining Your Bandwidth

The last issue concerning your ping can be your bandwidth being used and little to no amount of it being available for the game to run. Different games have different needs in terms of bandwidth and depending on the amount available you will have a stable or unstable connection. The first thing to almost always do when noticing ping problems is to check whether any background application is using your internet.

Network Usage AT
By opening the Task Manager processes you can check which app is using up your bandwidth | © Riot Games

The most common apps using your bandwidth can be:

  • Torrents
  • Riot-like applications downloading games or updates for the games
  • Web Browsers download something
  • Other devices in your home using up your bandwidth

The common solution is to find and close whatever is using up your bandwidth or if possible limit their usage to a certain amount.

These are all the possible issues that will cause your ping to be high or unstable, and by trying our possible solutions we guarantee that you will have the lowest possible ping while doing aces with Jett. If you're curious about more guides like these, make sure to check our Valorfeed Guides Section where we have tons of other guides waiting for you.