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Diamond is the third-highest rank tier in Valorant. But how good actually are the players who represent this tier? Can they compete in the pro scene right now? Or do they still have some "homework" to do?

Diamond Rank Valorant
A rank that shines! | © Riot Games

Diamond is a rank tier that only about 10% of all Valorant players can boast about and is located between Platinum and Ascendant. The distribution of ranks in Diamond is as follows:

RankTop % of all players% of all players in this rank
Diamond 115.4%4.3%
Diamond 211.1%3.3%
Diamond 37.8%2.5%

But well, these are just number, they don't really say much about what it really means to be a Diamond player. What can we actually expect from the players who obtain a third-highest rank tier in the Valorant ranking system?

How Good is Diamond Rank in Valorant?

If you manage to reach Diamond, you are much better than about 95% of the entire player base. What does that mean in practice? Well, if you would find yourself in a room with 95 Valorant players, you would statically beat 95 of them. And that is obviously an outstanding result.

Top 5% of all players – that's how good you are! | © Riot Games

Diamond contains players with some very high skills. But is it the VCT level yet? Well, we would say that some individuals from this rank tier could easily look for a team and try to improve to later compete in official tournaments. Moreover, at the Diamond tier (especially Diamond 3), you can also expect to start queuing into some pro players in your ranked games.

How Many Hours Do You Need To Achieve Diamond?

This rank contains some really dedicated players. We would say that the safe number for the majority of the player base to reach the Diamond tier would be 1000 hours.

Of course, there are also some experienced individuals who spent a big part of their lives on playing FPS games like Counter-Strike, and this process might be faster for them. But still, it's a pretty hard rank to get, and you wouldn't believe how many players are hardstucking in Platinum 3 trying to get to Diamond with +10 RR gains.

Ways To Improve From Diamond Rank in Valorant

Diamond is a rank where everyone knows the basics of the game, metagame, lineups and all that kind of stuff. Like, these are players who could even try their hand at VCT, and after all, it's the fourth-highest rank tier in Valorant. That said, the games here are very often lost by tiny mistakes that are very hard to spot.

Here are some tips to help you get out of Diamond and join the Immortal club:

  • Record and review your games. When it comes to making decisions during the game, let's be honest – none of us are entirely objective. Moreover, there is no single player who decides on correct play always; not only in Valorant but also in any sport or game. That said, it's better to record your games and come back to them later to see if your decision-making and aim habits are on point. If you feel that such a process would take too much time, you can limit the games you record to those you lose. And if you don't know how to record a game in Valorant, check out this article: How to Save Replays in Valorant
  • Let others watch you play. Now that we've mentioned recording games, here's the second step – sharing your VODs with others, such as your duo partners. You can also think about starting to stream on Twitch or YouTube and being open to suggestions from your community. And if you don't really have any duo partners or are skeptical about streaming, you might want to ask other high-ranked players for feedback. But how do you find these? Check out this guide: How To Find Players In Valorant? LFG, Best Discord Servers, More
  • Consider smurfing. It's not ethical, we know. However, when you play against less experienced players, you remind yourself of all these mistakes that players at low ranks like Iron or Bronze do, and therefore prevent yourself from repeating them. You can also think about playing one game as a smurf as your "warm-up match" before actually climbing on your main account. Learn more about smurfing: Smurfing in Valorant Explained
  • Form teams and play with people you know. Always playing with random people can ruin the fun alongside the flow of communication in a Valorant match. So forming a team, especially with players you know, and building chemistry and a foundation with them can start winning you more matches. This is best done if you're playing with real-life friends. But you can also start a team and build new friendships from Discord servers and other social media, like our Valorfeed Discord server!

And that will be it for our guide on the Diamond Rank in Valorant! Make sure to also check out our other articles to help you get better at the game in our Guides section.

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