What Is The FURIA Valorant Roster? (Updated)

Brazil is known to be a Valorant powerhouse, and with LOUD on the top, FURIA seems to be in its shadow. Will mwzera be the addition and prodigy superstar they need to make their breakthrough?

Furia Main1
Will they manage to make their breakthrough this year? | © FURIA

FURIA is one of the more famous Brazilian orgs established in August 2017. They've had rosters in most of the popular games on the Esport scene, Valorant included. The CS:GO and Rocket League teams are by far their most successful teams, and considering their youth and potential, the Valorant roster is expected to follow. They are a part of this year's VCT Americas, and together with their copatriots LOUD are expected to do "some serious damage" this year.

The org is founded by Jaime "raizen" Pádua, and their main investor is André Akkari who is a popular Brazilian poker player.

This is what their current lineup looks like:

NicknameReal NameDate Joined [D/M/Y]NationalityAge
qckGabriel Lima2021-01-23Brazilian19
mazinMatheus Araújo2021-06-02Brazilian23
mwzeraLeonardo Serrati2022-10-21Brazilian21
dgzinDouglas Silva2022-07-22Brazilian22
KhalilKhalil Schmidt2021-01-24Brazilian18
kon4nVitor Hugo2023-01-27BrazilianUndisclosed
CarlãoCarlos Mohn2021-01-21BrazilianUndisclosed

This roster slightly differs from the one that competed in the 2022 VCT Istanbul. The main difference was that they had the Argentinian Nowzerr, instead of the present Brazilian "Raze" specialist "mwzera". In the VCT they finished last, which wasn't a surprise to the odd makers, but surely the team aspired for higher places. After it, they decided to make a full Brazilian roster by acquiring Leonardo.

Even though the results are not getting through, FURIA stays confident with this roster and will compete in this year's VCT League as a Riot partner. They aren't expected to top the league but are considered to become a Dark Horse in the Americas. Their newest signing is marked as a young prodigy that's supposed to make wonders this season as a Duelist/Sentinel main.

That would be all about FURIA's roster, and we hope we get to write another one when they get an achievement or two in the upcoming VCT leagues. If you're curious about more roster updates or VCT news, check these articles: