Valorant VAN 1067 Error Code - How To Fix

Error codes can be highly annoying, especially when you have no clue how to fix them. Here's the solution for error code VAN 1067 in Valorant.

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Valorant error codes exist for the single purpose of reminding you that nothing is perfect - and sometimes to identify certain problems you might have while booting the game!

There are many examples of common error codes, like VAL 56, VAL 61, and more. There's one that's making the rounds as of late, however - error code VAN 1067.

What Is Valorant Error Code VAN 1067

The issue is non-other than a weird client bug that occurs when players upgrade or change to Windows 11 after using a previous operating system. Why does it happen? Beats us, but we sure do know how to help you fix this pesky issue.

How To Fix Valorant Error Code VAN 1067

You can try the steps down below to help you fix this issue:

  • Reboot your computer system.
  • Enter BIOS menu by pressing the BIOS hotkeys. depending on your systems' specifications. Generally, F10 or F12 or Delete keys
  • Once the BIOS opens, activate Secure Boot by going to the Advanced Options, then Boot Options, and select Secure Boot
  • Select the Window UEFI Mode Option, or any other UEFI option available in the system
  • Boot your PC as usual
  • Once you’re in Windows, press the Windows Key
  • Press R key, and type Services.msc in the text box
  • Search for the service named ‘vgc’, then select Start from the right-click menu

So there you have it! We hope you can solve the issue with no hiccups with our small nifty guide.

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