Valorant Snapshot: Release Details, Guide & More

Being good at Valorant and not being able to properly brag about it on socials can be a waste. Riot decided to fix that and release the Snapshot Premier for you to be able to do just that.

Valorant Snapshot
The Premiere community tool is finally here! | © Riot Games

Community tools are a great way to help the community get together and share their gameplay achievements. Riot Games released the Snap/Shot Premier and it's a tool that's never been seen before in the fps world.

What Is Valorant Premier Snapshot

Valorant's Snapshot is a community tool that will help you create personalized images or videos with your stats that can be later shared on any of your socials. Remember the good old times when we would screenshot our best KDA's in CS and share them on Facebook? Well, Premier Snapshot is the modern-day tool that will try to revive just that.

The Video above is an example of what kind of a video it can create for you, and what you can do with it afterwards. Premiere is Valorant's "Battle Cup" where anyone can gather a stack and see how competitive games are played for themselves.

How To Use Valorant Snap//Shot Premier

Feeling courageous enough to share your Valorant achievements? It's time to share those sweet stats and show everyone how valuable of a Premier player you can be.

To make your own Snapshot:

  • Open Valorant's Snapshot Website
  • Log in with your Riot Account
  • Afterward, just click on the "Click Here To Start" button
  • When Snapshot finishes generating your media, on the bottom right corner click on the "Generate" button
Snapshot Stats
This is an example of the generated Snapshot image | © Riot Games

Once done, the Snapshot will generate a cool image with your stats, and you will also have the possibility to generate a video as well if you prefer that. In addition, you can make the generated files to be in another language.

The available languages are English, Portuguese, Arabic, Spanish, Korean, Italian, Russian, French, German, Polish, Turkish, Czech, Greek, Hungarian, Romanian, Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesian & Hebrew.


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