Valorant Pro Players Get Earphones Stolen At LOCK//IN

Two Gen.G players reported that, before their match against LOUD, they had their earphones stolen from the facilities training room.

Lock in
Bad news at LOCK//IN I © Riot Games

Things have been going amazingly well at Valorant LOCK//IN, the first international event of 2023, with fans enjoying some fantastic matches featuring 32 teams, including the 30 franchised organizations competing for the first time under this new format.

Sadly, a bizarre incident occurred involving two Gen.G players right before their debut match against hometown heroes, LOUD, with Lee ‘k1Ng’ Seung-won and later Kim ‘Secret’ Ha-jin reporting that they had their earphones stolen from the training facilities.

Gen.G Players Report Missing Earphones At Valorant LOCK//IN

On February 15, k1ng tweeted out that "someone" had stolen his earphones. It's worth noting teams are training at the Ginásio do Ibirapuera, with all equipment at their disposal, barring earphones.

Riot does proved noise-canceling headphones but players are encouraged to use their own earphones for better in-game sound clarity.

k1ng later commented that a fellow team member, Secret, also had his earphones stolen. The incident was reported to Riot Games according in an interview with The Enemy, with their response being that it would prove difficult to find a culprit since the facilities don't have security cameras.

Sadly enough, the stealing rampage did not stop there, as a few days later, on February 19, Rex Regum Qeon player David "Tehbotol" Monangin posted on social media that he had been yet another victim of the earphone bandit. This time, they event went as far as stealing the sound card


Sadly, for Gen.G, their debut match against LOUD didn't go as expected, losing 2-0 to the Brazilian team. As for RRQ, they'll play vs FUT Esports on February 23.

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