Valorant Challengers NA Open Qualifiers 2023: Schedule, Format & More

The road to greatness starts early in 2023 with the Challengers Open Qualifiers, with teams looking to secure a spot to take part in the North America Challengers league.

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The Valorant Champions Tour 2023 is right around the corner, and while the eyes of many will focus on the 30 franchised teams competing at the International Leagues, the tier 2 scene will kick off sooner than that with the North America Challengers Splits.

The Challengers Splits are the perfect way for organizations like TSM or The Guard to showcase that they can compete at the highest level, as the best performing NA teams will earn spots for the Ascension tournament, which will grant places for 2024's International Leagues.

In total, 12 teams will compete at the NA Challenger Splits, with six teams being directly invited and the rest earning their spots via the Open Qualifiers!

Let's give you all the information you need to know about the Open Bracket, including when does it start, how many teams qualify, and more.

Valorant Challengers 2023 Open Qualifiers - Schedule & Format

As we've mentioned, six teams will qualify for the Valorant Challengers Splits, four from the first Open Qualifier, and two from the second one.

The tournaments will begin with a best-of-three, single-elimination format until Ro32 where the brackets will be re-seeded for the main event featuring double-elimination bracket play. The Open Bracket, and the first two weeks of the Challengers League will be played on patch 5.12 and the same map pool as Valorant Champions 2022.

The schedule is as follows:


Main Event

  • January 9th - Single Elimination // No Broadcast
  • January 10th // 6PM EST
  • January 11th // 6PM EST
  • January 12th // 6PM EST: Winners Qualify for Challengers
  • January 13th // 6PM EST: Winners Qualify for Challengers


Main Event

  • January 17th - Single Elimination // No Broadcast
  • January 18th // 6PM EST
  • January 19th // 6PM EST
  • January 20th // 6PM EST
  • January 21st // 8:15PM EST: Winners Qualify for Challengers
  • January 22nd // 6PM EST: Winners Qualify for Challengers

And that's it! Who's going to make it through? We can't wait and see.

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