OfflineTV Solo Q Invitational Valorant: Teams, Standings, Streams & Rules

OTV are back with their third Valorant Invitational tournament. It will feature streamers and pros split into five tiers which will make things quite interesting. Here's everything you need to know about it.

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The OTV Solo Q Invitational for Valorant has begun, and with the variety of famous players and streamers, it will be a blast! This article will feature a viewer's guide, current standings, schedule, and which players are partaking in the invitational.

How To Watch The OTV Solo Q Valorant

The third edition will take place from July 24-25, and it will be hosted by Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang, altho he will not be competing as he is currently in Taiwan.

The official stream of the Solo Q Invitational is:

But, some of the pros & personalities will also be streaming their POV of the tournament so you could hover over their channel to watch it:

There will be three lobbies running at the same time during the round-robin stage, so OTV will only stream one match per round. The rotation is made so that every player will appear on the main stage at least once. In case you miss your favorite one, just hop on their stream and enjoy!

OTV Solo Q Invitational Valorant: Rules & Prize

This competition has a specific set of rules as the players will be previously split into five tiers based on their rank ingame.

Here are the rules:

  • Players won't compete against other players of their tier
  • During the Round-Robin Stage, Twitch Chat will decide via vote which maps will be played in the lobbies
  • Rounds 1 & 13 will feature a knife-only rule
  • After the end of the Round-Robin stage, two players will advance to the Bo3 Finals
  • For the Grand Final, the teams will select Map 1 & 2, and Twitch chat via vote will choose the Decider Map

The prize for the Invitational is a quite unique one. The winning team (5 players) will receive a custom-made Oni Katana which is valued somewhere around $2,000 according to Toast.

OTV Solo Q Invitational Valorant: Teams, Tiers & Standings

As we said before, the players will be split into tiers based on their ingame rank.

Here's a table with the current standings split into the Tiers:

Table Legend: W = Games Won, L = Games Lost.

Tier 5 - ProTier 4 - ImmortalTier 3 Asc.Tier 4 - Plat. - Dia.Tier 5 - Silver - Gold
Cryocells - 4WNick - 3WTenzin - 4WYoojin - 4WLjerny - 4W
Asuna - 3WShipthur - 2WPeterPark - 3WLudwig - 2WScarra - 3W
Sym - 2WFoolish Gamers - 2WBhans - 2WMeilizzz - 2WMichael Reeves - 2W
TenZ - 1WTiffae - 2WSydeon - 2WFritingglitter - 2WLena Lemon - 1W
Tarik - 1WMasayoshi - 2WStarsmitten - 1 WSlime - 1WBrodin Plett - 1W
Clear - 1WQuarterjade - 1WAimen - 0WValkyrae - 1WLilypichu - 0W

The Invitational is super fun and you should watch it! Why? - Take a look at this dime:

OTV Solo Q Invitational Valorant: Schedule

These are today's games which will be streamed on the main channel:

Round 5 Time: 2 PM PST - 11 PM CEST
Team 1Team 2
NickFoolish Gamers
Brodin PlettMichael Reeves

FinalTime: 3 PM PST - 12 PM CEST
Team 1Team 2

That would be all you need to know about the OTV Invitational. If you're hungry for some more stats, here's their official Google Docs with the player score tracking where you can see additional stats such as: Kills, Match W/L & Round Wins.


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