New Agent 22 Teaser Reveals Friendship With Reyna

Agent 22 continues to be teased by Riot Games and they've now revealed an interesting friendship with Reyna. Could this be a hint at his abilities?

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Agent 22 is an 'eclectic' character. I © Riot Games

We're gearing toward the start of a new season in Valorant in the form of Episode 6 Act 2, with plenty of content seemingly ready that will include a new premium skin collection, and of course, the ever-present Battle Pass.

Most importantly, it seems we might get a new Agent. Well, that's all but certain at this point, with Riot confirming three new characters will be released in 2023, just leaving with a simple question - when will they come out?

Agent 22 Could Be Tied To Reyna

In a small video clip teasing Agent 22, we could see the new character's phone being bombarded with notifications from the Valorant team as they're discussing his inclusion and whether it would be a good idea considering his tardiness to reply back.

At one point, Sage asks Reyna if "this is a good idea?" implying that Agent 22 might not be cut out for the nitty-gritty job that is being a Valorant Agent.

Brimstone, fed up, warns the Agents that they need to get ready for pickup, presumably leaving Agent 22 behind. To which Reyna replies.

NO no no. He probably just has his phone off. He'll be there. I trust him.

According to ValorLeaks, Riot might be planning to reveal the Agent during the Grand Finals of Valorant LOCK//IN. Only time will tell if this ends up happening or not.

Furthermore, it might be too early for the potential Agent to be released by the start of Episode 6 Act 2. However, you never know for sure with Riot Games.

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