COVID hit Fnatic Knock Sentinels Out Of LOCK//IN

COVID-19 is still causing issues for a lot of organizations with EMEA's Fnatic having to play their debut LOCK//IN match from a quarantine facility.

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Fnatic took no prisoners. I © Riot Games

Fnatic in LAN events a COVID-19, name a better duo. That's right, even in 2023, the EMEA squad faced some health issues as Leo Jannesson had to play from a quarantine facility in his debut vs Sentinels at Valorant LOCK//IN, the first international event of the year.

Surprisingly, this didn't stop Leo from popping off and Fnatic from serving a disappointing exit to the incredibly hyped Sentinels roster, which now features two Valorant Champions 2022 winners with LOUD: Sacy and Pancada.

Fnatic Shuts Down New Sentinels Roster

What's worse for Sentinels fans is that, not only did Fnatic beat them even with a player quarantined, but they did so emphatically in 2-0 fashion, with neither map being particularly close.

First up was Haven, which Fnatic dominated on their defensive half taking it 9-3. Unaffected by the infamous curse, the EMEA squad only allowed Sentinels to take three defensive rounds of themselves.

Despite playing from a remote location, Leo ended up out-fragging the entire Sentinels roster, accruing 17 kills and eight assists piloting the Sova.

Things on Split looked a little more even, even with the shocking news of seeing Tyson "TenZ" Ngo on the Sage rather than in his usual role of Duelist.

After a 6-6 half, Fnatic proceeded to demolish Sentinels' defense, most likely stemming from TenZ's unfamiliarity playing a more passive Agent and Raze player Zekken being completely shut down, only managing 7 kills on that map.


With this result, Fnatic will now play the winner of Furia vs T1 in the Round of 16 looking to continue their path of dominance.

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