What Is The Valorant Font

Ever wondered what this super-cool looking font is called, and where to get it? Well, this article got you covered.

Valorant Font
Yep, this is what you were looking for! | © u/Brylark @Reddit

How To Get The Valorant Font

You wanted to create some content about Valorant and are eager to use the original Valorant font? It's usually pretty tricky to find it, as a lot of sites just have a copycat fake of the original one. That probably won't satisfy you, so this article will get you to the real one!

One way to get the font is from the Dafont website, where a community member has recreated the original font and it looks exactly the same!

by u/Brylark from discussion VALORANT Font

In the website linked above, you will find the download button, where you can get the TTF file containing the font. TTF or TrueType is a type of file that is basically a barcode font for Windows and has to be manually installed for further use in Photoshop or any similar program.

Once you got it downloaded you have to:

  • Extract the zip file
  • Find the extracted ValorantFont.TTF file
  • Right-click on it
  • Select Install
TTF Install1
By clicking install you will install the font locally to your system | © Microsoft Windows

And that's it! You have the font ready for use, but make sure to get the commercial license if you are planning to use it for non-personal use.


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