How To Bunny Hop in Valorant?

BHopping in Valorant has its own specific case scenarios which will win you fights. That's why you should pick up and learn how to Bunny Hop in Valorant!

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Bunny Hop like a pro! | © Riot Games Screencapture, Valorfeed

CS:GO Bunny Hopping has been one of the most popular movement techniques in gaming history. It would be no good if Riot Games didn't give us the BHop in Valorant, especially for those Radiant players. So let's take a look at how you can Bunny Hop in Valorant.

How to Bunny Hop Valorant Guide

Bunny Hopping is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. To Bunny Hop in Valorant, you'd want to hold your W key until you gain momentum, then jump and press A or D while facing your mouse in that direction. Once you start to land on the ground, jump again and press the opposite movement key all while holding the W key. You'll want to pull out your favorite melee since you'll be faster with a knife than with a gun.

1 Minute Guide on How to Bunny Hop For Beginners from VALORANT

The key factor behind Valorant Bunny Hopping is when to jump again once you land on the ground. Hitting the jump key at the right exact timing is important because if you miss it by an inch, you'll lose your speed and momentum. So which agent is best suited for Bunny Hopping?

Best Valorant Bunny Hop Agent

You can Bunny Hop with any agent, but one specific agent does it best than the others. We're of course talking about Raze. Raze's Blast Packs can be utilized a lot to Bunny Hop. Though you'll need a lot of practice before trying to Bunny Hop with Raze. Hitting the right momentum once you land on the ground after you use your Blast Packs ability can be tricky. You do want to watch out not to get stuck in a Cypher trap when BHopping with Raze.

Raze Bunny Hop Blast Pack
Let's get that Raze momentum going! | © Riot Games, Screencapture

So you've practiced your Bunny Hop and aim to perfection, even with Raze. Now how can Bunny Hopping assist you in a game of Valorant?

Why Should I Bunny Hop Valorant?

One reason for Bunny Hopping in Valorant is to trick the enemy team's crosshair placement and reach designated locations easier. You can also avoid a bit of damage from Phoenix's or KAY/O's molly before it lands on you. Though the best ability to avoid with BHopping is Sage's slow orb. If you've mastered Bunny Hopping, you can go across a Sage slow orb much easier and avoid the time it would've wasted you by walking through it.

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So did you find this Valorant Bunny Hop Guide useful? If you hit a good clip or two by BHopping and top-fragging, you should definitely share that on our Discord server!