What is the Hardest Agent To Play in Valorant?

All Valorant agents have tons of different abilities demanding some kind of skill level to be played and mastered. So here we'll see the hardest agent you can play in Valorant!

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What's the hardest agent to play in Valorant? | © Riot Games

In recent years, Riot Games has released a lot of new agents for Valorant. While some agents are beginner friendly and could be easily understood, other agents can be too hard to play and get the hang of. So if you were searching for something more challenging, don't worry because here we'll check out the hardest agent you can play in Valorant!

Hardest Agent Valorant: Astra

The hardest agent at the moment in Valorant is Astra. Her abilities are really hard to get the hang of, considering the fact you'll need to know how every Valorant map functions. This is because Astra has a special mechanic where she goes into an Astral mode to place her stars across the map's layout.

Now here's the real kicker behind Astra's star abilities: they're visible to the enemies. So once you place a star with Astra, the enemy will be sure you'll use 1 of 3 abilities at that location. That makes Astra an even more difficult agent to play as you're basically giving free info to the enemy team about your actions!

Valorant Hardest Agent Astra
Astra is the hardest agent to play in Valorant! | © Riot Games

Even with all those difficulties, you'll first have to get the hang of using Astra's Astral mode. And her ultimate ability is one of the hardest to understand alongside its difficult placing mechanics across the map. That's because you can't hear anything behind the wall and the enemies can pass through it seamlessly with their best knife skins!

Hardest Valorant Agents Honorable Mentions

If Astra didn't amuse you with her difficult Controller agent mechanics and hard abilities, then here are some honorable mentions for the hardest agents in Valorant:

  • Chamber - his abilities revolve around his Guardian-like gun ability with only 8 bullets. Another weapon ability is his Operator ultimate, so 2 out of 4 abilities directly depend on your aim. This makes Chamber one hard agent to play for players who don't have good aim
  • Breach - although Breach's abilities are easy to use and understand, they're hard to master. His utility is best used to assist your teammates, and this can directly lead to you flashing them, concussing them, and even damaging them
  • Viper - knowing where to place Viper's wall and smoke is easy to understand. But her abilities, especially her Snake Bite, are best used in lineups. Taking into consideration all the maps with 2 sites, there are tons of lineups you'll need to learn to play Viper like a pro
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Some honorable mentions for Valorant's hardest agents! | © Riot Games

And that's it for the hardest agents you can play on Valorant. Will you try out these agents to test your skills, especially with Astra? If you do, make sure you visit our Discord server and tell us about your journey with the hardest Valorant agents!