Valorant: All Karambit Knives

Valorant isn't the only game having Karambit knife skins and their tradition flows in the FPS world. Curious about the ones in Valorant? - Sit back, and let us do your homework.

Prime 2.0 is one of the most desired Melee Skins in Valorant | © Riot Games

The Karambit is a knife that has it's roots from South East Asia (Indonesia) and is a curved Knife that initially got its attention initially in CS:GO. Later on, most FPS games made some sort of a Karambit knife skin and the communities go wild on them.

Valorant Karambit Knives

Valorant isn't an exception in terms of Karambit, and Riot themselves have also made some sick Karambit skins for us. There are a couple of them, and we will list them with their price and how they look like.

Champions 2021 Karambit Melee Skin (Cost: 5350 VP)

Champions Knife12
Quite expensive, but is worth every penny | © Riot Games

Ion Karambit Melee Skin (Cost: 4350 VP)

Ion Karambit1
The Ion Karambit comes in 4 Variants: Default, Blue, Green & Yellow | © Riot Games

Prime//2.0 Karambit Melee Skin (Cost: 3550 VP)

Prime2 0 KRMBT1
Not as expensive as the others and has a sick animation | © Riot Games

Reaver Karambit Melee Skin (Cost: 4350 VP)

Reaver KRMBT1
The Reaver has 3 Variants with VFX glowing effect: Red, Black & White which is shown in the picture | © Riot Games

Velocity Karambit Melee Skin (Tier 50 @EP4 Act 1 Battle Pass)

Velocity KRMBT1
Velocity Karambit has: Orange, Yellow, Purple, and Aquamarine variants | © Riot Games

Which one did you like the most? It's safe to say the Champion 2021 holds its sentimental "OG" value since it cannot be obtained anymore. Karambit's are a different vibe from the other melee skins and whoever owns it gets his dopamine dose whenever he inspects the Melee in-game.


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