Valorant Swiftplay Beta Ending With Patch 6.03

Riot devs confirmed the Swiftplay beta is ending soon, however, an even better thing is replacing it.

Swiftplay Beta is ending. I © Riot Games

Since it got released at the end of 2022, Swiftplay has become one of the popular game modes on Valorant. If you don't know what it is, in short, it's a condensed version of regular unrated or ranked play, no unique gimmicks like Spike Rush or other modes.

Of course, economy has been altered as the winner is determined in a first-to-five match rather than a full first-to-13, but the gist remains the same for the most part.

The mode has been in beta phase since it launched and now, Riot Games has confirmed it'll be coming to an end with patch 6.03.

Valorant Swiftplay Beta Ending

Coleman Palm, Product Manager at Riot, confirmed the mode's beta will be coming to an end when patch 6.03 is released on February 14.

"Starting with patch 6.03, we're going to be ending Swiftplay beta. Because from here on out, we're actually just going to keep it on."

Yeah, that's right, while Swiftplay is coming to an end in its beta form, the mode will transition to a permanent staple of the plenty of Valorant game mode offerings for those looking for a more laid-back experience.

Now, don't expect Swiftplay to be left as is for the rest of times, if changes are required, Riot will work to make it a more balanced and interesting experience.


Palm also confirmed more details will come alongside the 6.03 patch notes so fans can see if the devs ended up adding one or two final tweaks to Swiftplay before making it go live.

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