OpTic Score a 3-0 Sweep on ZETA Division

Alright, so now it's either LOUD or OpTic. However, if the American team continues to play like this, they have the finals in the bank.

OpTic Score a 3-0 Sweep on ZETA Division
Marved scored 70 frags in 3 maps. | © Riot Games

Although LOUD did pretty well against OpTic yesterday, we are sure of a really exciting Grand Finals after what we saw today. And honestly, we don't know if we could have had a better VCT Masters finals – like a Brazilian team with a 17:0 streak against the best roster NA has.

OpTic vs ZETA Division: Statistics

Anyone who watched that game knows it was a slaughter. The definite MVP of the day was Marved, who managed to get 70 frags in just three maps, with a total KDA of +25.

Map Scores

MapOpTic GamingZETA Division

Player Performance

OpTic Gaming

KillsDeathsAssistsHeadshot Percentage

ZETA Division


OpTic or LOUD?

This should be a very close matchup, and we personally have no favorite. But there's one thing we're sure of – this will be exciting. Moreover, the stakes are super high, so both teams will definitely try their best. If OpTic wins, they will stop LOUD's 17:0 streak, and if not, LOUD will have a chance to increase that streak and go for a historical record. Well, we'll find everything out tomorrow (April 24th) at 07:00PM CEST!

But maybe you have some predictions? If so, feel free to share them with us on our Instagram!