LOUD Made It To The VCT Masters Reykjavik Finals

If you had told us 3 months ago that the Brazilian team would be the first to lock-in the Grand Finals spot, we would have been a little disbelieving. But now, well, this is our reality.

Loud brazil
They are on a 17:0 streak! | © Riot Games

Brazilian teams have always been underdogs in the Valorant eSports scene. Well, times have changed, as the Brazilian LOUD squad is the first team to secure the Grand Finals spot at VCT Reykjavik. Even though they only played 3 games in the entire tournament so far, they won against teams like:

  • Team Liquid (2:1)
  • G2 Esports (2:0)
  • OpTic Gaming (2:1)

It's also worth mentioning that LOUD are on a 17:0 streak since January and are just one game away from becoming the first VCT Masters champions, which almost guarantees them a slot at the World Championships. So yeah, history is on the line. Let's see how we got ourselves to this point in the first place.

LOUD Beats OpTic Gaming

It was an exciting match. OpTic won the first map (Fracture) 13:2 without much trouble, giving the feeling that they were much better than their rivals overall. But that was only the first map...

After Fracture, the match was much more equal, and eventually, LOUD won the entire match with a score of 2:1.


OpTic Gaming



In our opinion, the most exciting map to watch was Icebox, which ended with a score of 13:11. Although OpTic won the first half, "Less" got super mad in the second half and managed to kind of carry the match for his team by scoring 33 frags.

What's Next For OpTic?

OpTic still has a chance to win the entire tournament, but they are one step away from LOUD to do so. They need to beat ZETA Division today, and if they can do that, they will have one more chance to beat LOUD in the Grand Finals on Sunday.

What are your bets for the top 3 of this tournament? Reach us on our Instagram, and let's chat about it!