Valorant Patch 4.05 Notes: All Changes

It seems like the developers are maintaining their goal of "improving the foundation of the game". It's not going to be fancy, but these changes will really improve your quality of live experience.

Brimstone patch 4 05
Will Brimstone still be top-tier? | © Riot Games

Most Important Changes in Patch 4.05

  • Brimstone's Stim got nerfed (Costs 200 Credits and has 1 charge only)
  • You can now import and export crosshair profiles
  • Deterministic map system is now live for all regions

Agent Updates


So, Brimstone's Steam Beacon got a little balanced, but it definitely won't kill the character; it just makes him a little more balanced compared to other Agents, that's it. Brim will stay as one of the top-tier Agents in the meta regardless, no worries.

Stim Beacon


Cost100 Credits200 Credits

Game System Updates

Crosshair Imports/Exports

  • Added the ability to import and export different crosshair settings via auto-generated codes.

Instead of messing around with changing all these parameters, you will now be able to change your crosshair with CTRL + C → CTRL + V, just like that.

To export and share your personal crosshair settings, go to Settings >> Crosshair tab >> click on the icon that looks like an arrow pointing up, found next to Crosshair Profile (it looks like an up arrow chilling in the middle of a bowl). Your auto-generated code will be copied to your clipboard.
To import crosshair settings, go to Settings >> Crosshair tab >> click on the icon that looks like an arrow pointing down next to Crosshair Profile. Input or paste the code in the provided field and click the “Import” button.

"Prioritize Strongest Weapon" Setting Rework

Since we have recently had two Agents with weapon-like abilities, this change was needed to keep the game a little more consistent.

  • Renamed setting to Auto-Equip Prioritizes: Most Recent | Strongest
  • Updated the priority system to support weapon-like abilities

And how does that look in practice?

  • Previous priority: Primary > Secondary > Melee
  • New priority: (Ultimate & Primary) > (Secondary & Chamber Pistol) > Melee (Resolve priority ties by selecting the more recently equipped weapon)

Again, just a consistency update, but a really helpful one.

New Setting: Don't Auto-Equip Melee

You also hate it when, after using an ability, it automatically switches your weapon to Melee, and you randomly die? Well, you can avoid these situations by enabling a new "Don't Auto-Equip Melee" setting.

  • Added a new setting: Don't Auto-Equip Melee

And how it actually works?

  • Skips past the melee when finding the most recent weapon to auto-equip
  • Prevents pulling the melee back out after channeling or casting abilities, without changing any other auto-equip behavior
Note that you can still queue up 'equip' inputs (e.g., pressing '1' mid-dash to equip your primary once the dash completes). When you didn't queue up a specific equip action, the default auto-equip behavior was to pull out the most recently equipped weapon.

Competitive Updates

  • Deterministic Map System is now enabled for all regions.

Let us briefly explain how this system works:

  • The system will look at all maps you have played over the last 5 maps.
  • The system will remove any maps that a player has played twice in the past 5 maps.
  • The system will pick the least played map.
  • If all maps have been removed due to the “Twice Played” rule, those maps will be added back to the pool and the least played map will be picked.

It's all about you not playing the same maps all over again and adding some variety (like they wouldn't just let us pick, right?).



  • Fixed a bug that was causing the Leave Match button to function incorrectly for PBE players


And now a bug fix, that I'm personally very thankful to Riot! It actually was pretty annoying, and I'm pretty confident that any Sova player will agree.

  • Fixed issue where Sova’s Recon Bolt was destroyed by Brimstone’s Orbital Strike even if the Recon Bolt was well out of the area


  • Fixed a bug where the mic icon on the scoreboard could not be interacted with after hovering over it with the mouse

And that's it for this update! What do you think about all the changes? Reach us on our Instagram & Twitter profiles and be sure to let us know!