Valorant New Agent: Codename Bounty Hunter is a Blackmailer?

As Valorant updates progress, Riot Games wants to tease us with details surrounding the upcoming agent. So let's take a look at who's the new Valorant agent, codename Bounty Hunter.

Valorant New Agent Bounty Hunter 2
The new agent is a bounty hunter? | © Riot Games, Earlygame

Everyone is excited about who is going to be the next agent in Valorant and we know that he's coming anytime soon. But how soon is that? Let's take a look at what Riot Games have given us so far to speculate around the new agent and the release date.

What we Know About the New Valorant Agent Bounty Hunter

Through a lot of leaks and small details left by Riot Games around the game's maps, we can actually create a clear picture of who's going to be the next Valorant agent. The first detail we got was an email found at the training grounds from this mysterious blackmailer threatening the whole VALORANT Protocol with their secrets. We thought nothing of it until Episode 4 Act 2 came out. Tons of dossiers were left around the maps revealing the agent's secrets and even their full names.

Valorant Dossiers and Table
Hey there Liam Byrne! | © Riot Games

Although some dossiers were officially released for all players to see, some were hidden around in PBE. Along with the new agent leaks, we also got an official Sova voice mail explaining the mission to capture the Blackmailer in...Turkey? This can have 3 meanings: the new agent in Valorant will be from Turkey, the new Valorant map will be in Turkey, or both! On the operations board found at the practice range shown above, we can see the full operations team along with Turkey being circled, meaning our beloved agents are going on a mission to save their secrets!

This new Valorant agent has dipped his finger in everyone's life. Some players speculate that it will be the new Agent 20 in the protocol, while some think that it will be Agent 8 since that one is skipped from the whole protocol. But what class will the agent be in? Well, we got a new leak and some history that can help us out clear this. The new agent's codename is Bounty Hunter. A blackmailer that collects bounties, that just fits in perfectly in the narrative! And since previously we got a Sentinel and a Duelist, the new agent should probably be an Initiator or a Controller. The pro players will fall in love with this new agent!

An interesting fact to keep in mind is that back when KAY/O was released, 2 codenames were leaked: Grenadier and Bounty Hunter. KAY/O was actually the Grenadier, and it seems like we're getting the Bounty Hunter now. A Bounty Hunter with tons of secrets chasing our agents, that can initiate or control whole areas with his intel? Sign me up! But when?

New Valorant Agent Release Date

The new agent's release date is really close. Seeing from the 2-5 months difference between each previous agent release, we are nearing 3 months since Neon's release. A lot of players are saying that the new Valorant agent's release date will be in Episode 4 Act 3 on April 26th. But this is not 100% factual, since we may only get a new map in Episode 4 Act 3 located in Turkey. If that happens, you can be absolutely sure the next Episode 5 we are getting a new Valorant agent.

Valorant Cypher Email 2
Prepare the agents, we're going to Turkey! | © Riot Games, Screencapture

The new Valorant agent shook up the scene figuratively and literally. The idea behind a Bounty Hunter collecting more credits by killing the enemies is great. But what will the agent bring to the meta? We'll have to be patient about that until Episode 4 Act 3.