Popular Valorant Stats Site Serves Malicious Ads According To Users

Navigating the internet can be a dangerous place, but it seems Valorant fans need to be particularly wary when visiting Tracker.gg.

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The dangers of the internet. I ©Riot Games

We all love looking at our stats in Valorant, especially after a good winning streak when we're constantly popping off. Naturally, it's easier to go to third-party websites than to open up the Valorant client when we're just looking at simple stats.

For many, Tracker.gg has become the go-to stats site for Valorant. While it may have a clogged UI, it sure gives you plenty of detailed breakdowns beyond what you can see in the in-game Valorant client.

Match history, Agent pick rate, weapon usage percentage, and much more, it's a great tool, right? Well, according to several users, it's a site that you'll need to visit with an adblock since it has malicious ads that could lead to phishing.

Is Tracker.gg Safe?

According to Reddit user ThrowRA2468: no. In a post that has garnered over 1.2k likes on the official Valorant subreddit, many people are bashing the site for allowing malicious ads.

A thing that also makes users wary of Tracker is that its stats system uses Overwolf, a controversial app that also dabbles in shady practices as seen in the Dota 2 community, with many calling users of this app "cheater."

Why would malicious ads be an issue, to begin with, I see you asking yourself. They're pretty obvious to spot if you've been on the internet long enough, however, here's the thing: plenty of young Valorant players haven't.

In any case, despite many users criticizing the site, one actually tried to test if Tracker.gg did, in fact, have malicious ads. It seems it might not be the case.

Tested this with Firefox, Chrome and Edge. In normal mode, with and without AdBlock, in private mode and in a Windows 11 Sandbox (virtual machine).

In none of these instances this happened. No matter what i tried. So i call b*llshit on this one.

Please check your browser and computer if you have any malware or adware. Some malware likes to tarn itself as add-on. This behavior you experienced looks exactly like this.

So there you have it, will you still be using Tracker.gg moving forward?

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