All Pearl Changes Coming With Patch 6.11

The controversial map is finally getting a rework, here is everything new coming to Pearl with patch 6.11 in Valorant.

Time for some changes. I ©Riot Games

Valorant patch 6.11 is promising to finally bring some more changes to one of its most controversial maps: Pearl.

With update 5.06, Riot Games decided to give Pearl a small rework, and while good-intentioned, they seemed to prove fruitless when it came make the map more palatable for the community.

The changes coming with patch 6.11 are focused entirely on B point, with Hall, Tower, Ramp, and a bunch of other key areas receiving a much-needed revision.

So, let's take a look.

Valorant Patch 6.11 - All Pearl Changes

Riot Games shared before and after screenshots of all changes they will roll out for Pearl once patch 6.11 hits. These are:

B Upper Ramp before

Fx Cr Ntya EA As Ig U
B Upper Ramp before. I ©Riot Games


Fx Cr Q1da YAM Ph F
B Upper Ramp after. I ©Riot Games

Pearl B Screen before

Fx Cr UQ Ua AA Ai M0o
Pearl B Screen before. I ©Riot Games


Fx Cr Wt1a IAIXY M
Pearl B Screen before. I ©Riot Games

Pearl B Hall before

Fx Crmh5a QAE Lt8t
Pearl B Hall before. I ©Riot Games


Fx Crpx0a EA Aos VL
Pearl B Hall after. I ©Riot Games

Pearl B Tower Pillar before

Fx Crsiea QA Aaqp S 1
Pearl B Tower Pillar before. I ©Riot Games


Fx Crv J Ua IAI Klee
Pearl B Tower Pillar after. I ©Riot Games

As you can see, some of these changes are rather massive, like the ones pertaining to hall, which will allow defenders to much more aggressively peek certain angles.

Some are actually more subtle, like the Pillar ones. Did you spot it at first glance? I didn't, put if you pay close attention you can see that the whole pillar is wider.

So there you have it! Do you like these changes made to Pearl?


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