Valorant: Chat Commands & Shortcuts

There are a lot of easter eggs and useful commands that you can utilize in your daily Valorant life. Here's all of them and what they are used for.

Killjoy Chat Console
Did you know you can surrender with a chat command? | © Riot Games

Console commands are your shortcuts to what can be a couple of seconds wasted for surrender or anything else that you wish to do. Surrendering and remaking aren't the only commands that you can use through the chat, and this article will show all of the available.

Valorant All Chat Commands

We will start off with the chat commands as one of the most useful shortcuts right now in Valorant. Chat commands are issued in the chat input field, and always start with a dash "/".

Here they are:

/team + messageType in a message only for your team
/all + messageType in a message only for everyone in the game
/party + messageType in a message only for your party chat
Enter + Tab + Name of FriendType in a whisper for someone from your friend list
/r + messageReply to a whisper
/remakeWhen a teammate is disconnected and isn't coming back by Round 2, you can remake the match to not lose any RR
/surrenderInstead of doing it through the settings menu, you can do it in chat console
/ccCopy the crosshair of the player you are spectating
/yesAlternative to F5 when voting
/noAlternative to F6 when voting
/ffAlternative to /surrender
/concedeAlternative to /surrender

Valorant Shortcuts

The shortcuts on the other hand are hotkeys that can quickly get you to a certain setting or opening stuff that you might need. They are issued with a pre-designed hotkey that you can edit in your settings.

Here are the ones that you might not have known, and their default hotkeys:

MOpens the Map
. (dot)
Radio Commands: Menu Index
, (comma)
Radio Commands: Wheel Index
NCombat Report
LShows Teammate Loadout
F1Agent Ability Tooltip
-Toggle Ghost Mode

All of these and more can be found in the Controls tab in your Settings.


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