Undercity Skins: All Weapons & Prices

Here's everything you need to know about Glitchp... Sorry, we meant Undercity skin bundle.

Undercity Bundle Skins Prices
Would you ever buy this over Glitchpop? | © Riot Games

Yes, we know it's a Glitchpop ripoff. Still, let's not overdo it, it's not that bad. Actually, maybe Riot is testing how the community will react to the release of a nearly identical skin collection? Either way, it will be in the store until March, and probably some of you would like to purchase it, and that's why we prepared this article.

Undercity Skins: Weapons & Prices

Undercity is a Premium-tiered skin line, so the pricing will look as follows:

  • Entire Bundle (7100 Valorant Points)
  • Phantom (1775 Valorant Points)
  • Judge (1775 Valorant Points)
  • Bulldog (1775 Valorant Points)
  • Classic (1775 Valorant Points)
  • Melee (3550 Valorant Points)
  • Player Card (375 Valorant Points)

Moreover, you can upgrade your Melee skin with 10 Radianite Points to dual-wield an axe and knife:

Undercity Bundle: New Agent Leaked?

Some people think that the character that is on the Undercity collection skins is the new Agent and well, perhaps there is something to it? After all, this character has appeared before, for example in the "Can't Slow Me Down" music video.

Valorant Undercity Leak
New Agent or just a random art? | © Riot Games

And perhaps this is the reason Riot decided to release a skin bundle that was doomed to a wave of criticism? Maybe they just wanted to tease us a little bit? Well, we have to wait for more information, but all we have for now is a mediocre skin bundle.