Valorant Champions 2023 Bundle: Release Date, Skins & Details

The Champions 2023 Skin Bundle has been finally revealed by Riot and is set to be released on the 4th of August. It will be available for a limited time and this is everything you need to know about it.

Champions2023 Bundle
The Gold & Purple style suits the LA vibe | © Riot Games

With less than a week away from the Champions 2023, the bundle has finally been revealed. On the 6th of August, the best 16 teams from around the world will gather in L.A. to compete for the $2,000,000 prize pool that Champions will have.

The Champions 2023 Skin Bundle

Riot has made a similar prize pool plan as some of the other games like Dota 2, where they release a bundle in this case, and a % of the net proceeds are split amongst the participating teams. In other games, that sum just gets added to the prize pool and only the best ones benefit from it.

This year, the Champions 2023 Skin Bundle will be the "prize booster" that the teams will enjoy once it gets sold.

The Bundle, as seen in the picture, will have:

  • Champions 2023 Knife - Melee Skin
  • Champions 2023 Vandal Skin
  • Champions 2023 Player Card
  • Champions 2023 Gun Buddy
  • Champions 2023 Spray

Champions 2023 Knife

From the available footage of the trailer, the knife will have a glowing golden ambient effect and a very cool equip animation. The inspect will be normal, and it will probably be available in only one variant with some upgrades to the skin.

Champions 2023 Vandal Skin

The Vandal skin will also contain the golden glowing ambient effect which is a synonym to the Champions Event.

Champions2023 Finisher
This is the finisher. | © Riot Games

On top of that, it will have a unique:

  • Firing sound
  • Inspect sound
  • Finisher with the Champions effect
  • Reload sound

Champions 2023 Player Card, Gun Buddy & Spray

The player card will feature the Champions 2023 Trophy. Gun buddy will feature a square with the Champions logo engraved on it and the spray will be Gekko's Wingman carrying the trophy. This comes as an inspiration as Los Angeles will be the host city, and the Angeleno is L.A. native.

Champions Vandal20231
For each kill, a small "Champions" arrow will fill in the Vandal Skin | © Riot Games

Champions 2023 Bundle Release Date, Price & Details

The price has not been specified yet, but it should cost approx 6300~ VP. A % of this bundle will be later allocated to the participating teams. From last year's stats, the Champions 2022 Bundle made over $18,000,000 in sales during its sale.

On top of that, Riot announced that just a few days before Champions 2022 ended, the tournament's collection raised over $16,000,000 for the participating teams of the event.

That's very good news for the orgs, as we know how the ecosystem in the Esport orgs is right now. Disguised Toast in one of his videos explained how his run went, and if you missed it, check Everyone Is Losing A Lot Of Money In Esports - Disguised Toast.

Valorant Champions 2023 Bundle Release Date

The date of release for this bundle is set to be the 4th of July, which is 2 days before Champions starts, and will probably last until the event ends.


That's all you need to know about this year's Champions Bundle. For more VCT content check:

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