Can You Buy Valorant Skins for Other Players?

Gifting extraordinary weapon skins to other players is definitely a great way to share good gestures, but can you actually do it in Valorant?

Gifting skins valorant
Want to make a great gift for your pals? See if that's possible! | © Riot Games

There is always a new skin collection coming out in Valorant, and you’re probably loaded with so many of the rarest cosmetics that you’ve already lost count of them all! From exclusive Battle Pass rewards like the Velocity skins to the outstanding RGX 11z Pro 2.0 bundle that has been making players go crazy, you might be wondering whether you can buy some of them for your buddies too, right? So let's check it out!

Is Gifting Skins Allowed in Valorant?

Unfortunately, you can't gift weapon skins in Valorant. Although Riot has not implemented such a feature yet, you can still buy some nice Riot Prepaid Cards for your closest mates, which is the closest thing we have to skin gifting as of now. Might not be much, but still a solution to send VP for the best melee skins nonetheless!

However, Riot Games want to create a gifting system but are stopped by other game content, with former Riot Games employee Stephen Kraman stating that:

The work behind a potential system is currently in our backlog mostly due to prioritizing other in-game changes, as well as exploring more comprehensive ways to bring it to VALORANT. No timeline as of today.

Can You Trade Skins in Valorant?

Similarly, trading skins are also not allowed in Valorant. Riot Games compares trading your best Phantom skins to overvaluation and randomly assigned values like the loot box system. Unlike gifting, trading weapon cosmetics will probably never come to the game, quoting Jon Lee from Riot Games:

“For us, we primarily support a direct purchase store model, meaning if you see something you want, we want you to be able to consider the product and purchase it as a known quantity: no randomness, no considerations for after-market speculation.”
Trade Skin Valorant 2
We'll never see the light of skin trading in Valorant! | © Blizzard, Riot Games

Considering that Valorant is a free-to-play game, it does make sense as to why trading is not allowed within the game’s virtual economy. After all, Riot also needs to make a profit in order to continue pumping out special content, events, and the latest weapon designs too. So maybe it’s best for us to let this one slide alongside the Vandal vs Phantom discussion for now, huh?