What Does Valorant Mean: Definition, Lore & More

We all know that Valorant is the best FPS game on the market, but what does the name mean? This article got you covered with the history behind it.

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Everyone knows who Tyson is, but no one knows what's the meaning behind their favorite games name | © Cloud9

Games usually have lore or meaning behind their name. DOTA for example means Defence of the Ancients which is what the game is centered around, and Counter-Strike because the game is about a battle between Terrorists & Counter Terrorists & more.

Valorant: Name Definition

Valorant as a term has many meanings, some of which are:

  • In Spanish: "To Value"
  • In English: "Great Bravery"
  • In Latin: "Strong/Brave"

In general terminology, Valorant can be a play of words, and means "great courage in the face of danger, especially in battle". That makes a lot of sense as the game promotes courage & bravery as it's filled with action.

The History Behind Valorant's Names

The first & only FPS game developed by Riot wasn't always called Valorant. Every game has a closed beta phase, and in it, a lot of things change. Valorant back then was called Project A as its codename. This was most probably due to Riot taking their time to find the best suiting name for it's game, as the name needs to be catchy and easy to remember to attract as many players as possible.

The Lore And Meaning Of Valorant Inside The Game

If we go inside the game and follow all of the lore notes we will find a lot to learn about the game. In-game, the word is the name of the earth's defenders as Valorant is the abbreviated form of "The Valorant Protocol. Most of the agents that we are currently playing are a part of that protocol team.

If you're a Sage player you've probably heard the phrase "Stand Tall! We are Valorant! We are fighters!". These fighters will soon phase a large threat as the new agent is coming very soon and has some nasty plans in his mind.


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