How To Double Rank Up In Valorant

This is probably a term you've never met and didn't even think existed. In Valorant there are situations in which you can gain multiple ranks from just one win. Here's how you can do it.

Double Rank Up Val1
This is an example of a double rank-up | © Riot Games

The Valorant Rank system is quite complex and to be on-pair with the game, you will eventually have the study it out. Check Valorant Rank System Explained: RR, MMR & More to learn all about it.

Can I Double Rank Up In Valorant?

Getting multiple ranks in just one win is a dream, but it is possible. The term Double Rank Up in Valorant is not used often and is rarely seen on someone's career page. It means that with just one "rank-up" game that's won, you've suddenly gotten two ranks instead of just one.

But, how does it happen?! Well, if you manage to play well consistently, and have that ACS as high as possible while maintaining close to 100% win rate, this can happen. In the tweet below, you can see what it looks like to double rank up!

Here are two important facts about the Double Rank Up:

  • The highest MMR range you can have on your account is 3 ranks
  • You are guaranteed a double rank up if you get 4 ranks away from your hidden "MMR"

What this means is that the game has to double rank you up, if your hidden "MMR" is far from your "RR" rank.

Example: If your hidden MMR is fluctuating around Gold 1, and your account is Bronze 3, on your rank-up game, you will gain 2 ranks to balance the MMR & RR out.

When & How Does The Double Rank Up Happen

Act Rank DRU
This is the Episode 6 Act Rank of the player that Double Ranked Up in the picture at the beginning of the article | © Riot Games

During the launch of new Episodes where the competitive ranks in Valorant are reset, some players might find themselves in the brackets they don't belong to. This is very bad for the player's environment as games can become unbalanced and Valorant's algorithm has to have an answer for it.

Currently to balance things out the game rewards players that play well, and helps them get to their actual rank bracket by giving them more RR than the others. In situations like medal resets, that's not enough and players might be stuck in brackets longer than needed.

For that reason, Riot implemented a system in which players get double rank up. In those games, such as the one in the picture at the beginning of the article, players get two ranks up with just one win.

How To Get a Double Rank Up In Valorant

Since double rank-ups come from your Rank getting "out of range" from your MMR, there's no roadmap to get one. If you wish to get this magnificent feeling of ranking up twice in just one win, you will have to break out of your usual limits and click heads more. Consistent performance regardless of the W/L of the game is rewarded in Valorant, and that's the only roadmap of getting a double rank up.

The algorithm of Valorant strives to make your rank equal to your MMR, in which you get matched to the real bracket that you belong to. The idea of every competitive game is to make the games as even as possible in terms of skill. In this utopia, games are super close, fun, and give you the most memories of clutch plays.


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